WR450F or ???????

Eastside Cycle in Tucson has a 03WR, I'm not sure if it's a 250 or 450 though....

Buy another Honda; Yamaha doesn't support the WR450 and teaches dealers to ignore and lie about problems with their bikes.

Flame away, but its the truth....

Um BS. I don't doubt that your Yamaha dealer sucks, and that maybe your Honda dealer is good. But that doesn't mean anything, my Honda dealer is ignorant and doesn't want to do anything for anyone, however my Yamaha dealer is awsome. And I don't for one minute thing that all Yamaha dealers are good and all Honda dealers are bad. That is just stupid.

I'm with logansowner on this one. My Yam dealeris very bad here too ( I bought the bike used and the yam dealer here is bad) so if I need help with the bike I just go and ask to the orange dealer here. He just knows more about dirtbikes than anybody else around here. Doesn't mean that orange or blue is better or worse...

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