New BRP rider

Hey guys,

Just found the forum, Ive spent the better part of the day going through the 650 forum alone. This seems like a great source of information, thanks for the great site.

Ive had my 650R for about a year now, still bone stock (read corked). Not a good thing since im about 6'7 and 300#. Need to order the Eibach springs. Are these springs relativly straightfoward to install... Dont want to pay someone 100 bucks to install an $89 spring. The other thing I REALLY need to do is get taller bars (tomorrow), and I'll probably go with the Renthal Jimmy Button set. Id like to get a pipe on it as well, and a Clarke tank for when i get the expereance needed to go on my first Baja ride.

Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself, and say thanks for the great forum! :):D

Are these springs relativly straightfoward to install

Welcome :D

Yes, the springs are easy and straightforward to install and anybody with basic mechanical skills can do it. If you don't already have one, I'd suggest buying the factory Honda service manual. It's a great book with lots of diagrams, specs, easy to follow procedures, etc. It will come in handy if you plan to take your bike apart and for various services. You can buy it from your dealer or get the same book from Helm Inc is OEM source for Honda and they're also the OEM for manuals to other manufactuers as well.

Make sure to check the oil downtube screen after your first oil change and again at probably the 3rd oil change, but don't be surpised to find junk in it the first time. After that it will stay pretty clean. If you like the power now, you'll really like it after it's been uncorked.

For a great source of XR650R info, check out :)

Happy New Years :D

i am 6'4 290 i run the button bend with thumper racings bar risers moves the bars foward an inch and up an inch as far as suspension i had fineline in huntington beach do it - very happy with the set up :)

pm me your email and i will send you pics of my bars and risor

jeff :D

You came to the right web site. You'll will love TT. Good to see there are some other big boys riding. I'm small compared to you guys (6'2'' 275lbs). Get that thing uncorked. You will love it. :)

FlyByWire is a CHIRSTian band that is out of Beaumont California. I do XR650R Suspensions. Lindemann Engineering is the best source for springs @ (408)371-6151 they will cost you $200 to your door. You will need .49kg fork springs and a 12kg shock spring. (909)845-0083 If you have questions. E-mail me and I'll send you a Word doc that will show you step by step on the forks and shock after you do the suspension you will be able to cleer the table tops at the track out at Beaumont (Third Gear Pinned). :)

You made it home Jeff! Was it faster to go the Ortaga?

I didnt know about the Bands name.. Not too into christian music. That word.doc sounds great, thanks, Youve got mail.

Brett :)

Bruce check your PMs :)

jeff :D

I've been looking for the tallest Bars I could find. I have the Pastrana freestyle right now. But was looking at specs on bars and found that Tag makes a CR double high bar, which was taller and a little wider, think I will try it. I also have a Moose Tall seat. It added about 1in. of foam to the seat. being tall it seems to help.

Thanks for the replies guys. I probably would feel more comfortable having someone who knows bikes inside and out tune my suspension, It just seems like it costs a LOT of money to do. Im going down to Chaparral tomorrow to pick up the Button bars, they should do the trick real nice for me. The just need to get in contact with a local suspension guru.. hehe

Thanks again guys!

Brett :)

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