BK Carb Mod.

Does the carb need to come off to do this mod? If not what must be removed to gain access?. I have the info from motoman393site. He says remove the subframe so you can look down the throat of carb. What's the subframe? :)

Remove the seat and you will notice that at the base of the tank there is a bolt going across. On the sides of the bike you will see to large allen head bolts. These three bolts are what is securing the sub frame. You should be able to take them out and remove the sub fram and air box. This will give you the view of the carb that you want.

Yes, the carb will need to come off. if the mod is needed. most likely you will need to perform the mod. I just took the carb off, then reconnected the throttle cables to do the test, when you go to drill the new hole for the bolt, make sure you have the correct tap that fits the bolt you are going to use. I had to lock tight my new bolt in place, cause it kept loosening up, even when I put a ink pen spring over bolt. Good luck. :)

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