Setting fork height in triple tree

I'm putting the forks back in the tripe tree. The manual refers to zero height at the top of the triple tree. Does that mean you should take a straight edge and lay it over the hole and just bring the fork up till it is flush with the straight edge? The picture in the manual shows it sticking up higher than flush but calls for zero clearance. I am confused, please help!

Zero is the top of the tube with the edge of the cap showing above the clamp.

I prefer to run mine with 5mm of the tube above the clamp. Makes it turn better.

[ December 23, 2001: Message edited by: F-Pilot ]

Measuring from the bottom of the cap, I like to run mine at 10mm. Like F-Pilot said it makes it turn better. For faster tracks, I'll run either 5mm or 0mm for more stability.


There is a scribe line at the fork tube You shouldnt go below Its almost a 1/4 inch. Because Im 5'8" I like mine close to that line. If I was 6' I might like it higher. With the fork above the clamp line the wheel base is shorter which alows for tighter turning. This would be good for anyone who does alot of woods riding or enduro /tight turn track layout. Set the rear race sag by the manual too!

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