G-Man...How you doing??


Have not seen many posts from you lately and I am wondering how you are doing. I would think the other TT'ers are wondering too. Plaese update us if you feel like it.


I was wondering the same thing, G, it would be great to hear from you. Hope all is well.....Tom

Saw G yesterday at Town & Country Motorsports. He said he was doing OK, seemed like he's toughing it out. I know he really misses Mark, they have been friends and racing buddies since 1990. He showed me some great pics of the memorial trail ride, guess that will be an annual ride and I hope to make it next year. FYI, AZOTMX'ers have a trophy in Marks honor this year along with other things in work in memory of Mark's.

Thanks X. Gary had said something a while back about a charity mx race. If that is still going to happen, please let us know. It sure would be nice if we could get some of the So. Cal. Old Timers to participate.


Hey guys I'm doing allright, have my ups and downs and sometimes wish that it's just been a long nightmare and be over.

I know my first race back is really going to be tough when I line up and look down the gate for #33. Or when it drops and no longer will I have my friend to race with. I am not looking foward to that day, but I know Mark will be with me in spirit. I just hope I can stay focused as I know while I have been trailriding I have thought about him often....

Been trailriding a couple times and last week we had a heck of a time finding our way w/o Mark who had an uncanny ability of always knowing where he was.

Bryan and Bill deserves mucho kudos for putting this board up which allows getting honest opinions on bikes/products/mods and the sport in general from a to z.

But what I really appreciate is how we are like brothers and when something happens to us, family or friends there is always support to be had from the group. Believe me when I tell you that you guys really helped out a lot in my not so long ago tragedy.

I have mentioned this to my immediate family and friends....




Keep your chin up. The holidays are tough for all of us who have lost loved ones and/or true friends.

When you get back to racing, let Marks spirit ride with you....not on your shoulders. Go only as fast as you feel you can and don't try to prove anything to anybody, including yourself. Try that a couple of times and you'll see that some of the burdon you are carrying with you will disappear.

An old veteran at work told me a saying a long time ago that has always stuck in the back of my mind......."The straw that doesn't break your back will only make you stronger".

Keep the faith, Ernie

Thanks Ernie,

I will keep you updated on any Memorial/AZOT race for sure, it would be cool to finally meet!

btw when Paul (RacerX) and I ran into each other at the M/C shop :D he showed me his wrist.

He's got a long way to go to get full movement back & you could tell he was concerned. Hopefully he will continue his rehab and the changing of his brace, cuz we need him back! :)

G - are you going to be out to ride this weekend? I'll be at Speedworld Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'd love to be able to ride behind you again. Later.....Tom


Not sure about SpeedWorld this weekend, haven't been there since the accident. I know I need to go soon I will keep you posted.

Just been trail riding for now, haven't been working on my bike or nothing, hopefully I will snap outa it one of these days.


I know it will be tough to return....but you need to do it. Especially when you've got some friends there to help you through it.

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