Yz426f being a female dog

Hey peeps,

I'm new on thumper but i have been reading as guest for long time.

My problem is, it almost never wanna start...

This is what i did till now.

New spark plug.(it sparks)

Valves adjustement.

Cleaned air filter.

New oil filter and oil.

Fuel filter installed between tank and carb.

pilot jet from 52->45

Fuel screw 1,5 turns out

I am really getting pissed about it because i cant find the problem.

I hope you guys can help me.

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What is the history of the bike? Is it new to you? Are you familiar with the kick-starting process? Did it start up fine at one point? Was it a sudden change or gradual?

I make sure I clear out the cylinder before I kick mine, pull out hot start, pull in decomp, kick 20 times, push hot start back, pull out choke, and kick it, it will start after 2nd or 3rd kick

Sorry i forgot, i installed hot cam auto decompression. It starts sometimes after a half hour kicking or something. I removed decompression lever also and put a plug in.

No i do not know the history from the bike and it is not new to me.

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I'm not too familiar with the auto decompression cam... But is it possible you have it installed wrong? Is the timing good?

I am sure it is installed right(triple checked it) it started once and was running good, it is just the starting that is the problem

Check to make sure your cams are timed correctly after the install...I had a 426 and had the same problem after installing the same cam...it seemed right at first, was a pain to start so I went back through and found I was 1 tooth off

Ok ill do that tomorrow, wel before the hotcam installation it was also almost impossible to start, maybe there was already some timing issue.

I reinstalled it from pictures i took before i took the cams out. There are no marks on the exhaust hotcam to allign with.

Srr for my english

There should be marks...usually just a little dot in the gear casting...make sure they both align in the center when the engine is at TDC

The yz426 cams should look like this


This is from my yz426f




Intake cam is a tooth advanced.

Just got back in there and there are 13pin between marks, if i put the intake a tooth back it is gonna be 12pins. It needed to be 13 pins right?

Forget the tooth count.  The timing marks have to line up, not the two marks on top.  And no, if you back the the intake up until it aligns, it will be 14, not 12.


The exhaust cam was made for a 426 and not for a 450, correct?  If so, time it by the marks.

Yes 14 i mean srr

yes it is for a 426.

Thx for the help i will get back into ot tomorrow.

I don't have the time now.

Previous photo, the chain tensioner was off, now this is a pic while the chain tensioner is installed, looks good to me


Looks OK in that one.

I have reinstalled everything, checked my pilot jet it was clogged, i cleaned it and went from 45->48. Still no start.

I got my carb off, the jet needle was on 5th clip i put it on 4th (din't see a single person that has it on 5th clip so).

Anything other i need to check while carb is off?

My spark plug is oily but i dont think fuel is getting in there.

Any suggestions?

Nobody who can help me get this thing started?

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