Yz426f being a female dog

Just my 2 cents, but...

When I start mine I use the following procedure:

Cold start -

Choke out. Couple of twists of the throttle. Slowly kick over to find "1st hard spot". Pull decomp lever. Ease over "1st hard spot". Continue slow kick till I find "2nd hard spot (not as hard)". Decomp in. Ease over hard spot by pushing kick lever only an inch or 2 down. Release decomp. Allow kick start lever to return to top of stroke and GO. Usually starts first kick. Allow to run on choke 20 seconds, give it a blat and push choke in.

Hot start -

Same kick procedure (find 2nd hard spot) only instead with hot start knob out. Fires up first kick. Quick blat, push in hot start.

Hope this helps, it's far easier than trying on the "1st hard spot".

Got it out finally, need to clean carb again now.

I know the drill but i have hotcam, you kick it like a 2 stroke

I would try either cutting a slot in the head of the screw for a flat blade screw driver, or cutting flats on the screw so as to grab it with locking pliers ("vise-grips") or a small wrench.  You could do either with a high speed grinder and a cut-off wheel/disc.

Yes i got it out by cutting a slip

It does idle nice without choke now, no red glowing pipe (to rich?).

Still does not start after 1-2 kicks, i'm going to drop the pilot jet from 48 to 45. I hope it helps

If you're talking about cold starting, going smaller on the pilot won't help it.  Rather cold in Belgium right now, no? 

Oh ok, yes it is cold here, +-10 degrees. What wil help?

I'd stay with the larger jet for the winter, at least.

Holy crap so complicated that starting procedure would make me go insane.

Vic you can instal a hotcam to kick it without decompression lever.

Ok so its here in belgium around freezing temperature. To get it started i need to up the idle and with soms luck it starts after 10min of kicking :/ then i need to readjust the idle.

After riding it, i parked it in the garage. It started leaking fuel from an overflow of the carb. It stops after a while(i think when the carb is empty). Is this normal?

The overflow hose connected at the bottom of the carb. Also it is the only hose that is dirty so previous owner also had the problem i gues.


It means either that the drain screw is loose (unlikely) or that it's flooding while it runs.  Needle and seat problem.

Ok i got the float needle out. There is a little color change on the rubber.

And then i noticed the screw and almost send my carb flying at the wall since i am losing patience with this bike.



Take a hacksaw and turn that screw into a straight-slot type.

yes i will do that.

Does the float needle look worn to you? or is that little color change normal?

Picture is too far out of focus to tell much.  Sorry

good thread I got a 400 that's pissing me off but now I have new ideas

Oh ok no problem, i will go ask a local dealer.

Well my bike pisses me off also, i hope you can find answers in this thread.

The local dealer said the float needle is good but the o ring on the seat had its best time. Its a bit flat to my opinion. But for the o ring you need to buy the whole set wich is expensive +-70€

Ok i also noticed there is a piece broken in the carb but nothing serious.

Ps when my bike is parked, it is in an angle of 75° to the left.

Also my fuel ON/OFF knob does not fully close on OFF position.




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