Yz426f being a female dog

That broken part of the jet well (the missing piece of aluminum) is going to cause you some problems with getting the bike to start and idle properly.  You can fab up something as simple as a sheet of brass or stainless steel in a little half-round shape and fix it to the carb body with a good two-part epoxy.  Not sure of any brand names to look for in Europe, but Loc-Tite makes a couple of excellent ones.  They're typically one white part and one black part you mix in equal proportions.  Allow it 48 hours cure time before putting it into service.


Let me make another suggestion, though.  Loose your headaches with the carb you have and look around e-Bay for a used YZ450 carb from '05-'09.  Get as much of the throttle cables, hot start cable, lever, etc. as you can with it.  The throttle cables are different, but they fit right into your throttle grip, and the rest of it is basically a bolt-on.  The newer carb will run so much better that you'll wish you had done it long ago.

Yes i can try to fix it. My profession is welder. Maybe i could weld it? Or the carb cannot hold that kind of heat? I can try the loctite stuff also

Well they are kind of expensive 200$ + shipping

$200 may seem like a lot, but they bare carb is a $950 item brand new, too.  And it absolutely is a major improvement.


I wouldn't attempt welding that, even if I was as good at it as you are.  Too many things can go wrong.

Yes i know that they are expensive. But i am gonna try to fix it. If that ain't working. I buy a carb from ebay.

I actualy do not understand how that little piece of metal can cause start and idle problems. I do not doubt your knowledge about it, just curious and greedy to learn new stuff. (yes the bike still starts hard but the idle is fine)

I've got a carb from an 06 yz450... not sure on the logistics of getting it shipped, but I'd sell it reasonably cheap. . If you want to research shipping prices, I'm basically I'm Detroit Michigan

Constructed as it was before it broke, that tubular shroud around the pilot jet isolates it from disturbances caused by the fuel moving around in the float bowl that can upset flow through the circuit and cause erratic behavior.

Oh ok. i wish i knew as much as you did. May i ask how you learnd al of this?

Yellow ketchup yes i'll look for shipping prices but how much you gonna sell it? Otherwise pm me.

Hadn't thought too much about it. ... $50 sound fair?

Yes, i am gonna try to fix my carb first. If its not good, ill buy your carb if you still have it.

its gone I,m so glad you passed on it

I have the 400 and i fought with that carb for 2 years so hard to start I would rarely risk shutting it down on the trail weak idle. I finally took grays advice an put the 08 450 carb on and I cant say enough about it. It starts so easy and runs so much cleaner especially in the slow first 1/4 of throttle. 

I have my bike for 2 yearS also. Trying to fix the problems.

The piece that is broken of. Is it the same height as the highest piece it was connected to or not?

Maybe it is a stupid question but i wanna make sure


Yes. Same height.

I tryed to fix it but i was not really optimistic about it when i saw the result, i bought a 06 yz450f carb with boyesen quickshot and throttle assembly. Hope when i get it that all my problems are solved

I got the 06 yz450f carb. 1 question i do not see a hot start. Is that normal?

The hot start on the YZ450 is cable operated from the handlebar.  You will need, at an minimum, to get items 36, 37, 38, and 41 from the picture below (the hot start plunger, seal, spring, and nut) to keep the passage closed so it will run right.  Otherwise, you'll have a huge air leak. 


If you don't use the cable, you will need to plug the hole in the top of the nut as well. 

Damn. I thought i was good to go with carb and throttle assembly

That's why I said what I said:



 Get as much of the throttle cables, hot start cable, lever, etc. as you can with it. 


Buying all the little pieces to put the hot start together is a PITA.  Contact the seller and ask if he has that stuff.  From the lever down to the plunger.

Oh ok. Well that would take another few weeks. Is it expensive to buy it new?

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