Upgrading the plastics on my 99 WR...

My bike has suffered from sitting outside in the sun.

Most of the plastics are in pretty bad shape so I was planning on replacing them before a big ride that is coming up. (30th anniversary LA-Bastow-Vegas)


I was wondering if anyone has put newer style plastics on these old bikes.


Dont want to do a ton of mods to make it work but if they just bolt on It'd look pretty slick.

  Check this tread out.     




  I imagine that it would work with a 03-06 wr seat and tank also.  I know it works using yz seat and tank because the first members bike I saw this mod on was a 00 WR 400.  There is lots of info on this thread and a lot more using the search feature. 

  If I remember right, the WR was easier to convert because of the steel subframe and you could weld new mounts on it instead of buying a yz subframe.

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