Thanks Ernie, Phil, & ScottF

Just wanted to say thanks for having me hang with you guys and not running me over while I was out there getting in the way :)

Special thanks to Ernie for letting me use some of his quality go-go juice (and for the help attaching the sole back on my Tech 8s).

Thanks to Phil for a good ride and for shooting some pics.

It was a good day for my first trip to a SoCal track (no wrecking is a good thing).

Seriously guys, I had a good time and enjoyed to company. If you ever make it to Vegas I will be glad to return the favor.

Happy Holidays



It was a pleasure to have met you. I enjoyed your company and you ride that 426 pretty well. I think once you get your ribs healed up we would be pretty evenly matched. That makes for some good and fun dicing.

When I got home, my wife questioned me about our date. She just wanted to make sure you didn't try to take advantage of me (inside joke)!!!!! :)

We'll have to do this again sometime. Maybe we could get some TT'ers to head up your way one of these days. That way your buddies can punk you again but you won't care. :D


Haha. My wife seems a little concerned/puzzled sometime when I get to running the mouth about TTers and the like. She still don't understand how I met you guys down there (she's blonde :) ), "How did you know who they were?" Chicks man.

Gonna run to the store and get some fork oil and service those buggers today. I'm gonna try to raise the fluid and see how that works. If not, I may try to throw some heavier springs in there but you made me think about the valving when you said your bud valved around the stock spring rates in your forks. We're both about the same weight plus you're faster than I am.

Seems like my front end rides a little low (unless I need to drop the back) and a couple of times I blew through the travel pretty quick. When I went a click or two harder on the compression it was miserable on those square-edge and stutter bumps. I'm halfway wondering about the condition of the mid-valve even though the bike doesn't have that many hours on it. Anyway, I couldn't get any balance yesterday front-to-rear. I may have went the wrong way on the adjusters cause I don't have any recent experience playing with them. A year and a half ago I sent off the KX suspension, did some minor adjusting, and lived happily ever after (until I rode my YZF that is).

See Ya

"How did you know who they were" that is funny :)

I wonder if you may have lost enough oil from the leaking fork to allow it be unballanced from the other fork. Dunno, just a thought. For me, it was tough to tell exactly how good the forks are for cornering because of the soft corners. Both ends are VERY nice on the jumps and chop.

I have had good luck in the past raising the oil level 10mm. One thing I forgot to do yesterday was to check my sag....DUH!!

Have a great xmas.


It wasn't leaking except for 1 drop in the garage that night. I pulled them off today and dumped the left leg out. I've never seen oil so trashed, it was this thick green/brown disgusting mess. I even noticed some rust around the pre-load washer (never seen that happen before). I'm going to flush them out and see what happens. I have a feeling I'll be contacting you about your bud @ Sick suspension though. I checked the compression setting and I had increased all the way to 1 out and hadn't realized I had to dial in that much. Betcha the mid-valve is toast.


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