2004 YZ450F for hills

Hey guys. New guy here to the thumper forum. I've had a couple bikes. First one being when i was 17  i got an 01 yz125 that was a great bike to learn on for where i live. When i first rode i had never been on any kind of bike before. My mind was blown at how fast something could be. I rode that around for a summer here (black hills, SD). After not having ample power and always having to thrash up our steep hills i knew i was ready for more power. So i got a nice 02 honda 450 that i loved and it was a great bike but i ended up selling it after a summer on it also. 


What i'm getting at is that i think i can ride pretty well when it come to tight woods and steep hills. But i just got an 04 yz450f for 700 buck's. Needless to say its kinda trashed so i wont be riding it till spring after it get work done to it. 


I am a little weary because it is a 4 speed. Does this make riding this bike impossible up super steep hills? Thats all we have here pretty much. If your not going down then your going up. Lots of rocky trails and slow going sometimes where i like to ride. Would i find myself on the clutch alot with this bike? 


Thanks for any input you guys can give. I used the search too just so you know. Not a newb to forums in general.  :cool:

The first three ratios in the 4 speed are identical to the first three in the '06+ five speed, and your 4th is a little higher than half way between my 4th and 5th, so no, it doesn't make it any harder to ride in the woods than the 5 speeds.  It IS an MX bike though, so it has a high strung engine with a light flywheel and a high first gear, just like most of the rest of them, so it's going to be challenging at low speeds. 

Okay thats kinda what i was hoping for being that up here your usually in 2nd or even 1st to get to the top sometimes. 


Riding that 125 on our hills really made me a better rider. When ever i ride a smaller bike with not as much power up a hill for a buddy or something i get back on mine and thank god i dont ride a 125 anymore lol

You could always adjust your gearing with different sprockets. Heavier flywheels are also available and recommended for what you are doing with the bike.

stock is the way to go .. carry your speed and slip the clutch in the slow stough .. i love my 03 and the 4 spd means i don't have to shift as much.. after having my 450f i so wouldn't wanna ride any less of a bike

I had an 05 rmz 450, which was a 4speed. I ride hilly, rocky, tight woods in North Ga. It had 14/51 when I got it. It was super fast on the roads & decent on the fast trails. It was ok on the hills. I put a 13/51 on it & wow it woke it up on the trails. It was awesome for any hill, tight, slow, rocky trails. I loved it because the riding is so tight around here & your mostly in 2-3rd anyway, so it always had the snappy power I needed.

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