A bit chilly to ride

It has been a bit chilly for riding here in Colorado. I have been using the time to go thru my 426 maintainence wise. Check out http://www.iceflyer.com/ to see what we do when it is real cold. Scroll down to site map and hit "flight test". That's me with the red helmet. I know this is off topic but I thought some of you in warmer climes would like to see can still go fast and have fun. By the way, anyone ever take machine screws and put them in your tires for some ice roostin????

the screws work great, just use a 2nd tube to keep them from pokeing a hole in the good tube.

I went to an ice race in Ontario and the guys used titanium screws/ flat head with two raised edges and sharp to a point. Some had spikes which went in from the inside. It looked like the guys with the best traction would have the titanium screws. I couldnt tell when they were racing though.

Just watching those video clips made me have to add another layer of clothing. When I see ice I go the other way... ice plus enough wind to push one of those things and I'm not leaving the house! Add wheels and wait until the ice is gone and it looks like fun. :)

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