What is the BEST exhaust?

Talkin about other places for your money to go, check this one out, my first as of last year.

Tap Here :)

[ December 28, 2001: Message edited by: Taraker ]

taraker, Ya id go with the bigger jet that comes with the pipe. Raise the needle 1 notch from where it is now. Thats making the assumption that your jetting is pretty close already. I did the pipe the same time i did the BK mod. Wholly Crape!Nobody stay next to me out of a corner, not even when I fluff it. Ya just grab a handfull of throttle and they disappear in the rocks and roost! I went by my brother in law, he actually pulled off the course to avoid the roost. :)

I was going to go with Dr.D,but after reading all the Thunder alley posts I sent my order to Bob today.Can't hardly wait.All tracks around here are closed though so I guess I'll have to airate the back yard to test it.LOL

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