2014 yz450f offroad map?

The bike has too much response or "herky jerky" in offroad racing singletrack.  Its not the delivery of the power so much but the "response" that makes it nearly impossible to be "smooth".  Wore me out and was wishing for my other bike 250 2-stroke.


So im about to try the "dr Lewis" map which is a slightly leaner variation of the "preston" map.












and ill also try the "gradual response" map from http://www.yamahamotorsports.com/content/213/2014_gytr_power_tuner_baseline_settings.aspx.


any other suggestions for offroad maps?

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I have not remapped but added a Rekluse and made it much easier in the woods. Less engine braking and could ride a gear higher. We ride in the same area just sayin......

Remap with the GYTR and get an offroad flywheel.


I own a 2011 but  I've been pleased with the 2010-2013 slippery conditions map for offroad use. You may want to try that map too. I know it's meant for a different bike but worth trying out and only takes a few minutes to plug it in.


Good luck and let us know how it works out.

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