2011 yz450f how to get the best bottom end snap?

Coming off a 03 onto a 2011 with 15 hours on it, good clean bike and runs darn good. What i miss is how violent my old bike was on the bottom, and wondering what i can do to get this the same way.


I know most of you guys think the yz is rowdy as is, but myself and ridnig group ARE NOT NORMAL TRACK RIDERS! We spend our summers bucking over logs and hillclimbing through the woods,  from 4-10k feet. ride the St anthony's dunes @ 5k feet. and then when the snow flies we strap tracks and skis on them for snowbiking. and for those who arent aware, snowbiking makes the dunes feel like cruising no load down a road, it is HARD on bikes. just glad its clean air.  Normal riding im semi pleased with the bottom end. dunes... weak sauce, and i know when i take it out on the snow in a few weeks, im gonna feel like im riding a 250 smoker.


I had the GYTR tuner hooked up and I had them touch up the fueling a little and max the timing out for pump gas. slightly better, but nothing to brag home about. After riding a buddies bone stock 13kx, i want that, if not more..


any ideas guys?


any mods that make them suck on the track due to too violent? lay it on me!

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More compression(13.5 to 1)/ More displacement (Big Bore)(500cc)

Webb Cams makes high lift short duration cam for better throttle response.

Use sharp throttle tune in GYTR.

New clutch friction plates.


I had an 03 and now an 11. I honestly thought the stock tune on the 2011 (All 0's on the tuner) was slightly more abrupt than the 03.

The problem is the "snap" you are looking for is gonna be dependent upon traction.

To some degree, timing will play a part in that, but I would bet that the cam timing on the FI bikes is going to along the lines of the '08-'09 models, which were biased toward more power at higher speeds, compared to the '06, or even '04 bikes that had their cam lobe centers set at a wider angle.  Look at the map index, might be something in there that would give you a place to start.

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