Does an '09 WR450F exhaust pipe/header fit an '06 WR450F?

Does an '09 WR450F exhaust pipe/header fit an '06 WR450F?


The part numbers are close.  Looking at the part numbers:


2006 -> 2S2-14611-00-00.

2009 -> 5TJ-14611-10-00


The middle numbers match up, however the prefix and suffix don't.


Part #1 on drawing.

exhaust pipe.jpg


Part Number in the format XXX-XXXXX-XX-XX


The first three digits are the Model Code (every model in the Yamaha Product Line has a unique model number) all parts are given a Model Code of the first model they were used on.


The middle five digits are the Basic Code number and indicates the actual part, i.e. 11631 = piston; 11311 = cylinder, etc.

"W" substituted in the first position of this five-digit group (000-W0000-00-00) indicates a factory assembled kit which differs in content from the original assembly used in production (i.e. 2M0-W0046-00-00 – Rear Break Pad @$$’y).


The next two digits are the Design Code and Design Change digits (so 01 means the part has had one design change). This part may or may not appear different, but it will be interchangeable with the original part.


The last two digits are the Color or Finish Code.

For a Part Number in the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XX

All these parts are Hardware (fasteners), they all start with a '9' and end in '00'. - 9XXXX-XXXXX-00


The second and third digits tells us what type of fastener:

0 - 'various'

1 - bolts, cotter pins

2 - screws, nuts

3 - oil seals, O-rings, bearings

4 - spark plugs

5 - bolts, nuts

6 - ISO bolts

7 - ISO screws and nuts


The fourth and fifth digits tell us what material/surface finish (e.g. chromed).


Digits six and seven give the diameter (inner or outer) e.g. 08 would be an M8 size.


Digits eight, nine and ten are the length (except for '901' bolts for some reason)

There are also standard fastener types...e.g.

90105-XXXXX are Washer based bolts

90116-XXXXX are Studs

90401-XXXXX are Union bolts

99999-XXXXX means that a part has been superseded by a kit.

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This should be "Pinned" for future reference.  How is that done?



This should be "Pinned" for future reference.  How is that done?



Only mods can pin things

'05 and '06 will fit on '07-'09.  You must use a muffler gasket from an '05-'06.  '05-'06 exhaust header diameter is 1.6" while the '07-'09 header diameter is 1.5".


Likewise, an '07-'09 will fit on a '05-'06 with the use of a '07-'09 muffler gaskest.


What about fitting '08 header to '04 bike?

can this be done? what's the actual difference?


It turned out that I'm not using the standard end, so the 2008 fitted with no issues.

Can anyone tell what this end pipe is from? model/year?






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