Help me save my marriage

:):D :D Ohh I have gone and done it now!

I've crossed over to the dark side (as in pavement). Picked up my '01 Susuki SV650 (or is that the dark side) this morning. Man what fun. Even keeping it under 6K RPMs for break in and it is a blast. This is my first street bike and I couldn't be happier. Rode with my buddy and his CBR 929. Yeah he'd tease me and run away leaving me to my break in speed but still...have I mentioned what fun. This bike is fast and nimble, and it's a V twin. I can't wait till I can rev it out. Only 500 miles to go.

I've always shied away from street bikes but I've been riding my friends Katana 600 and something snapped in my brain. This is fun. Now, if I can just convince my wife of that :D


Doug that is awesome, now all I need to do is get a street bike and the whole Colorado crew can go out riding, to bad I cant afford a bike right now.


My wife told me, "if you buy that CBR 900, I am going to leave you". BOY! I sure am going to miss her.

Dougie,Congrats,I thought that might be you at the sv riders forum.Im SERIOUSLY considering one myself.

Welcome to the street club!

I have a '01 Yamaha YZF600R and love it. It's a whole new dimension of speed and thrills.

Now you have two more carbs to jet!

Picked up my sv650 on Saturday 4-28 drove it directly home the long way about 50 miles the long way. Stopped at home and picked up the wife put an additional 65 miles on. All I have to say is this is the best bargain bike I have ever purchased in my life.. My last bike was a vtr100f.

I just can't wait to get past break-in..


Right On! I ride a CBR900RR on the street and I always struggle between street and dirt. Its such a pain to load up and go somewhere to go riding. I can just jump on and strafe the canyons anytime. Anyway, welcome to the world of sportbikes!

You must attend my Superbike Poker Run on June 10th. Follow the link for details:

Roostn in Golden

Yes my friend, welcome to the welcome to world of faster bikes. I have a FZR 1000, must stick with Yamaha, it that thing flies. It is actually boring unless the road is curvy or you are at high speeds. The worst thing is that the most fun is illegal. Speed.

This bike is for sale if anyone is interested. I want a new YZ. Just email to find out more.

I heard a V-Twin the other. Was I hearing or do these things sound like a thumper. I sounded pretty cool.


Good luck Dougie, its dangerous out there on the road. I haven't been on a road bike since the wife sold her RZ500 to buy a boat(her BMW PD doesn't count).

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