2010 450 torque improvements?

so I took my 10 450 to the dunes for the first time a couple of days ago. Wow this bike is so sick unless it is revved up hard. I had many many trips to the dunes on my 04 and that thing had a ton of rip off the bottom end and would power through anything without loosing RPMs. this bike just flat powers out. on steep hills i could just crack the throttle and pull the front end up no problem. This bike wont even lift the front tire up unless its already rapped out. Is things something the tuner can fix? or has it just been designed to do that? I know my 04 was known to have more "hit" that most didn't like, but i loved it and would like to have that on my 10. Gearing was the same on both bikes too.

I know a guy selling an 03 cheap, heard in runs good, hes close to you, maybe even a straight trade ;)

If it has the OEM muffler, most of the good, high quality (not just expensive) slip-ons will improve it considerably.  The tip of the factory pipe necks down abruptly at the end.  It's thought to be done for sound control reasons, but it hampers power.  Dave at MRD Racing spotted this while working on the bike early.  He couldn't find anything wrong with the stock header, so he focused on the mid pipe/muffler.  Pretty much any of the good ones will work better.


You can also check to see how your bike is mapped.  Buy or borrow a GYT-R tuner and see what's loaded.

It has a vance and hines slip on.

I would look into getting it remapped for the slip you have & the riding you do. Gearing is always a good, easy way to change the power up to.

If gearing was the same that might be part of the issue since the 04 had a 4 speed and if you are running the same sprockets the 04 would be considerably lower geared.  I had an 04 and now a stock 11.  While the FI bikes flatten out on top it is not lacking for power.  I can not imagine any situation where my 04 would outshine the newer bike in the power department except for maybe a bit of overrev.

hm. maybe I will try throwing a 12 in the front and see how it does. I have a place locally that builds a fuel controller for this bike im hopping to try out. On another note, any mechanical issues that would cause my problem? would wore out rings cause lack of low end grunt?

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