04' WR450 - 250 lb rider

I've heard I should get a heavier rear spring for

my weight. Where do you get these springs and what

do I ask for. Also, can I replace the spring myself

or does the dealer need to do this?

I ride trails, hare scrambles, desert, and etc...

Thx for the info.

Go to your local bike shop and tell them what you are after. Let them know your weight and type of riding you are into. They should be able to set you up for around eighty bucks for the rear. Pretty easy to change out if you have basic abbillities. :)

I am 255 and I run .47 front springs and a 6.3 rear spring.


I weigh 250lbs and I am running .48 and 5.6. Works fine for me.

I am your weight and I am running an eibach 5.8 rear with the stock front springs. This is way better than the stock setup and cheap to do. :)

Race Tech recommends going from .47 stock in the front to .49 and from a 5.0 stock to a 5.7 in the back for your weight.

What state do you live in? You should really set the bike up right and do the whole thing not just parts. If you are in Calif. I know of a place.

I'm in Northern California.

What else is there to set up?

I use 5.8kg rear at 230 lbs. 3.6" of rear sag. :)

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