Just left a deposit on a YZ400F 1998, a few questions

I have just been to view a  YZ400F 1998 and decided to leave the guy a deposit and said i would come back with a man in a van. When i return to buy i will obviously take it for a test ride but what should i be looking for on this specific model in terms of wear and tear and common faults.




I have a few specific questions.


1.) The bike come with the supermoto wheels fitted but the guy says he will give me a set off offroad rims and tyres. When i ask him what do i need to change when swapping the wheels he was unsure.  Do i need to change the caliper mount? 


2.) I have a WR250F 2005 and WR400F 2001 at home in the garage already. What parts are interchangeable between the YZ400F and my existing bikes?


Hopefully someone will be kind enough to advise, many thanks Ian

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