2011 YZ450F wiring a headlight

Hey I just bought a 11 yz450f and I want to wire up a wr450 headlight need help from start anyone have exp will be helpful

For power and ground you can splice into or connect to the tuner port. The ECU is in the way to easily put a headlight on. You can either relocate the ECU or space the light out. Search the forum as several people have done this on 2010+ bikes and have documented pretty well what they had to do.

I just put a Polisport LED light on my 11. Was going to start a new thread but here's the gist of it.


The Polisport LED light clears the ECU.


Contact BajaDesigns for a plug and play harness and switch for your lighting needs. I think it was $20+ shipping, Makes life really easy.


Install. If you need more than 6W of light, buy a 9 or 12W bulb or two and replace the 3W bulbs. I was pretty impressed with how much light I got from the two 3W bulbs. You won't win a race but you'll get back to camp safe if your ride runs long. Eventually I will replace the high beam with a 12W bulb.

I'll look into that thanks a lot

What model led light does clear the ecu a link if you could

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