07 WR450 Unsolvable :(

dont forget to rule out a faulty kill switch-  had a random short with mine, lot of time looking at other sources of the problem, before finally figuring it out.

OK so after much time and confusion the bike is fixed :( i sent it in to the shop and they could not find out what was wrong either so a friend of mine collected the bike and fixed it in 30mins :( haha.. hopefully this will help someone else somewhere.. Basically he noticed 2 hair line cracks on the ignition coil(spark plug cap). This was obviosly letting spark leak to the block. I did try my coilpack on another bike and it worked but i suppose this was just bad luck and due to the irratic nature of the problem. my mistake was i should have tried working parts on my bike rather then my parts on other bikes or both rather. Anyway the quick fix wich is working for now is epoxy resin coated on the coilpack and i will order the new coilpack soon. Thanks everyone for your input and i hope this helps someone else to Braaaaap on ..!


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