yz426 rolling chassis

My advice is don't do it. There must be a better motor for that chassis. How much will you pay for the roller?

I am afraid to say! The guy buys new bikes then puts the engines in a custom quad for the nats. If I can pull it off I get the roller for $1500

The other option is to put my 00 426 engine in the new frame or to use my wife's XR200 engine !!

Hey Joe,

Please check your private mail..


I have the opportunity to purchase a brand new 2002 yz426 rolling chassis minus engine. My Question is does anyone think it's possible to put the engine from my XT350 dual sport into the YZ? The reason for this is to create the ULTIMATE street legal bike. I would put all the lights and street stuff on the YZ. I could also alter the new frame VIN to match the XT and I don't think anyone would notice. The only problem I see is with the frame down tube ( too wide for exhaust ) and the dual carb setup on the XT engine. Any advice from my friends in the forum?

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