2011 YZ450F air box breakage.

I bought a new leftover YZ450F for my son and so far it's been great except one thing, it seems that the slightest impact on the upper tank plastic will break the air box that it is attached to.  Does anyone have a fix for this?  

I haven't heard of anyone having a problem with that so far.  Anyone else?

Been down way to many times on mine and the airbox is still going strong. Could maybe see it happening if all 4 bolts werent in place...

This happened on the left side where the top bolt fastens the plastic to the intake of the air box where together they form the air scoop/intake.   The impact wasn't even enough to mar the plastic.  The air box plastic has a thin groove in that location as if it was designed to break on the line.  I was kind of hoping Yamaha might have redesigned this to be stronger on the newer models  When I change the part out I'll post a pic.    

I broke one in 2010 on my 2010. Came up a little short on a big triple and came down on it withy groin. Saw it later in the day that day. Yes I was a little sore but still raced and won

Ok so the new air intake box came in and it has been redesigned somewhat from the original 2010 that came on the bike.  It is solid in the seam that used to have a depression that made me think it was meant to break away.. Time will tell if it is tougher.

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