Wider foot pegs

Im looking for wider foot pegs for my 02 yz426.

Any recommendations?

IMS has some wider pegs also check Pro Circuit.Fastway performance has the widest pegs on the market I think. They have replaceable king pins on the top of the peg. www.fastwayperformance.com

I would go with DSP pegs stainless steel 100 bucks

Not sure if these are wider, but they are an innovation - might want to consider them before you make a purchase... I don't have them, but would like to get them soon...

Pivot Pegs



IMS pro series pegs are the **** ! They grip better than anything I have seen.

Kylee Wylee


I went through this process just a little while ago.

Here's what I found when I went at it.

Fastway has wider pegs out of eitehr ti or stainless. You can get either type with screw-in pins, or press-in pins. The screw-in pins are very aggressive when it comes to holding your boot in place, but have been known to teat up softer sole boots. The Fastways also have a bolt stopper to adjust tilt, (up or down) which can be good if your frame is worn.

The Pro Circuit, although claimed to be bigger than stock, are not.

The IMS appear good and available, but it seems like someone here reported that they snapped a pair.

The DSPs were once available in ti and stainless, but they stopped making the stainless. Ti have been on back order for some time. Perhaps you can find them in stock some where.

You can also get weld on adapters that widen the factory pegs via White Brothers (and I'm sure a few other sources). So I guess that's an option as well.

I also have also seen foot pegs from an Australian company that are wider, and also pivot with your foot. Meaning it rotates back and forward as your foot tips to apply the brake or shift, or as the bike moves beneath ya. Trick idea.

Hope this helps.


Dave and everyone thanks for the detailed info.

another question? Are there any web sites I can checkout for DSP or IMS footpegs?


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