I ran a post under suspension but I'll try here too.

I picked up a leftover 02 XR 650 and want to install my CR 250 inverted forks on the XR. Have any of you guys done this ?, how much work is it and is it worth it ??.....

I read somewhere that Honda is not too keen on this setup. It was either in a magazine (MXA, Dirt Bike) or online maybe at, that this modification was done without the blessing of Honda. Evidently the concern was that the XR frame cannot stand up to the impact the inverted forks transfer through the frame. May be worth checking out before you make the switch.


I just completed the conversion on my bike last month. Other than some careful grinding of the CRF spec triple clamps, my new Ohlins bolted up. I have'nt had time to dial them in yet but have already noticed a definite improvement in handling. As for the XR frame not being able to handle the extra stiffness, I think the jury is out on that one and believe it all depends on how hard you ride the bike. After all, the 650 isn't exactly light weight. The frame has to be rather rigid to be able to handle the power that it makes.

Bruce Ogilvie weighed in on the issue-and was against it-the excuse was that the steering stem wasnt sufficiantly gusseted for the increased stress.

Frankly that seems a bit hard to believe.

Maybe if you are clering 85 foot triples at 80mph, or racing the Dakar with 12 gallons of fuel on the bike: emphasis on maybe--otherwise go for it, and convert. Many others have, without any frame related issues.

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