1975 Ski-doo Everest power loss

It starts and runs good. For 5-10 minutes. Then it stops, but motor still runs fine, rpm doesn't move, it just doesn't go. It's my buddies, so any questions may take me a day to ask him.

I've got a basterdized sled with a motor from an everest, pretty solid motor. Will it still rev up and down with the throttle? If it does, then it's the belt or clutch. If the revs stay put, it's carb or points related. I haven't been able to track down new points, so filing them is your best bet. It is kind of odd that it only happens when it's hot. I guess a weak clutch spring could get worse when it's hot and cause issues. Should get more details, or a video. Reminds me, I have to find a piston kit and put mine back together, it's low on the list with three other newer sleds. 


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