yz426 help

so after putting in new shims on my yz46 i ran into an problem. im putting in the exhaust valve bucket and go to push the decompression lever back in and the bucket is to tall. how do i fix this? is there something wrong that im suppossed to do or what?

Check that your shim is seated well, there should be no problems then. What's the size of the shim?

The shim is seated well and the size is 1.84. I put the bucket on without the shim and still didn't fit.

When you install the exhaust camshaft, piston at TDC what's the clearance? Can you take a picture?

No it's not at tdc. I can't move it right now because the valve cover and cams are off. Is there another way to move it? I can't upload a pic right now.

  here are three pics. these might help.




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