Rear Wheel Axle Nut Size & Torque Wrench ?

Hey Guys,

Was wondering what size socket i would need for the rear wheel nut and also a good all around torque wrench for the bike. I own a 2003 WR450F. Should I get a 1/2 inch or a 3/8th inch drive torque wrench. Any info you have or suggestions would be great thanks.


I think it is a 1 and 3/16th. If you just want one torque wrench I would suggest the 3/8. A little smaller and can be used in tighter spots on the bike.

You can always use an adapter for 1/2". The range of the t/wrench is what you need to look at. Check out the dif. torques you will need the wrench for and then get the wrench to suit. Most the bolts on bikes have low torque specs. Unfortunatly there are a few ones with higher specs and this may need a dif. wrench.

My 426 nut is 1 1/16" aka 27MM.

1/2" torque wrench for + 25 to 250 ft/lbs

3/8" for up to 250 inch / pound (app 20 ft/lbs)

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