One light Clutch? Looks good.....

That's awesome!  Looking forward to getting mine set up. 


What specifically did you do with the excess cable length? I have a shorter cable coming in this week but others might want to stick with oem length like you did.

Finally got my custom cable in and hooked up the Moose Easy Pull clutch system.  Cranked her up.


The good news is it that it does make the pull a lot easier.  The bad news is that it makes the pull a lot longer too.  I adjusted it until all the slack was out, then tightened it some more(past the point where the lever was snug).  Never could get to a point where the clutch would fully disengaged to quite extent it would with a standard set up.  It required the lever to be all the way in, toughing the bars.  I didn't like the longer pull so I put it back to oem cable and ASV lever.  I can live with that for 95% of the riding I do.



Oh, the 5.25" shorter cable was the perfect length for use with the Moose.  I've got one for sale real cheap... and a Moose easy pull clutch system too.

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