Valve adjustment Question

I tore my bike apart today and before I did, I called the local shop. I asked if they had the shims and the guy says "oh yeah, we have tons of them, I'm sure we'll have what you need"

So I write down the numbers I need and with a little swapping, only need 2 out of 4 that need adjusted. I go down there and they tell me they have to order them. I go to the service area and the guy only has about 15 total shims. :)

&%$#@!????? Is this common or do most shops have these things in stock? I'm sick of this crap.

I used to work at a Yamaha shop. We used to have tons of the 9mm OD shims. Problem is, they were in the "200-300" range ( 2.0mm - 3.0mm thick) and up. The YZs use under 200, more like 185. Suzuki and Kawasaki use the same shims for many of their street bikes ( Later GSXRs/ZX6's etc.) You might want to call around to see if they have them in your size. You can get aftermarket shims that are just as good as the OEM ones thru a dealer ( via Parts Unlimited or Tucker Rocky) for less money than the stockers too. Also, check out a shop that specialized more in motocross bikes, they may have them.

I need a 175 and a 180 and ordered them while I was there. Pisses me off that I call so I can get it all done in an afternoon and they basically BS me to get me in the shop.

My son's friends dad is the GM there and he started giving the service guy crap. Makes me wonder if they actually adjust peoples valves when the bikes are brought in for a valve adjustment.

They are also the Suzuki dealer so there is no where else to go. :)

Thanks for the reply. :D

This is common my dealer had to order mine and I had them a week later. :)

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