Seat Height

Anyone know how to lower my BRP's seat height without getting suspension too soft..I have short leggs.

There are several common ways to do it-or you can do all them and really get it down...

1- cut a couple inches out of the seat foam.

2- put on a 'lowering link' at the bottom of your rear shock

3- put on a 17" rear and a 20" front rim.

Do all three and you can expect to lower the bike about 4 inches.

After that its time to lower the forks 1/2-1 inch in the triple clamps, and lower the pre-load in the rear shock.

Just FYI-- Team Honda races the 650 with a 20" front tire-it really helps keep the weight better distributed.

TTer Moredesert knows all about the lowering link.

Maybe some thicker soles for you boots?


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