More work to ride a 400f or 250f????

I currently own a 99 400f and I am considering getting a wr or yz 250f instead. I am looking to switch to the smaller bike in hopes that it will be easier (less of a workout) to ride than my 400, due to the reduced weight. I am wondering if it is indeed easier or not. Do you have to ride them hard like a 125, or can you let the bike do most of the work? How about jumping the two bikes, Does the 250 jump differently than the 400s? Is it harder or easier to clear doubles...? What do you guys recomend WR or YZ? I ride both MX and trails. THANKS and Merry Christmas

I ride a WR426 in woods exclusively, and am also trying to decide on going to a 250F for the same reason. I've only ridden the WR250 (de-restricted) for comparison. The 250 feels much lighter than the numbers suggest, probably because the weight loss is above the roll axis. The 250 also corners easier in the tight stuff. The 250 is much less fatiguing to ride at a faster pace, but I'm not so sure about the slower stuff. The 250 requires much more clutch action in situations where you could just dial the throttle for various amounts of tractable torque on the 426. Also, the 426's ability to lift the front at will or jump obstacles on short notice with just a blip of the throttle lets you get away with making last second reactions, where the 250 isn't happy unless it's wound up ahead of time. The 250F is like a more tractable 250, with a slight power disadvantage- it's a lot of fun in the woods, but I'm afraid I'll miss that instant grunt. Now I'm also considering a YZ250, to get the light weight and quicker handling, while also having some snap on tap.

I went to the track in Easton Maryland with a couple buddies. Ones got a KX500 and ones got a WR250F I have a 426F. The WR250had to grab another gear to barely clear two 35 foot doubles . The KX and my 426 had no problem in 2nd gear! I rode the WR and it has to be ridden harder than a 426 to get the job done. I'll tell you this the 250 Felt alot lighter and was still a blast to ride :)

I rode the WORCS series this last year and borrowed a buddies wife's YZ250F for a muddy Washougal race. Was sold. Waited 4 months for the first 250f to arrive at the local shop and bought it that day. Still have my 426 and use it for desert races and big outdoor MX tracks, but when the track goes through the woods or is a tight hard-packed course I pull out the little bike. Not even close to the 426 in power but when you are bouncing off of trees and having to pick your line through roots and ruts it is alot easier to move around. They each have a place. You just have to remember the 250f is an over weight high powered 125 and it is not going to drag a 180# racer through a sand wash at 90 mph like a geared up 426.

I rode my buddies YZ250F and loved it. I have a 99 YZ400 and his bike turned alot easier and I was jumping pretty all the jumps on his bike that I was on mine. I weigh 210lbs, so I'm probably too big for the bike, but if I weighed less, I would buy one in a second. If you go the WR250F, the power may not be the same even if you change the cam timing because it has a 1mm smaller carb and a wider ratio tranny. I would go the YZF route if I were you.


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