Auto cam chain tensioner going back in too tight

So I just re shimmed my cams and the auto tensioner seems to make the cam chain way too tight. Why is it doing this? I can't seem to find a reason why now it's making it sooooo tight

Nvm I'm retarded. Didn't notice the little flat head inside.. Well I didn't realize that it wouldn't back out only get tighter, gotta tighten/loosen manually. Hope I didn't stretch my cam chain too much forcing it in.. Gawd it makes me cringe lol. Hope I got these shims right. I had to drop a bunch on the ex valves and I'm at the min clearance now.

If you got it screwed all the way down, do not run the bike. Take it back apart and put in a new cam chain. It will end badly if you don't.

When you removed the tensioner it extended all the way and if you reinstalled it that way you stretched the chain. I have seen the aftermath of such a mistake it involved bent valves and a damaged head.

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