excel rims

Hey everyone, i know this issue has been brought up in the past but i need to know what color of rims look best on a yz, im leanig toward gold or black Also I have a 98 yz400 and need to know how much work it is to put excel rims on it? can i use the stock spokes and nipples and if not what do i need to do? I have the opportunity to get a set thanks to christmas. Thanks for your help

I would go with black. What's wrong with your rims? If nothing is wrong with them, do you want to sell the rear rim?

Let me know.

Thanks Paul

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hey speedharris, nothing is wrong with my rims theyre fine, im just trying to get a new look for my bike. when i get my new rims ill let everyone know if i plan to sell them by posting it on this fourm plus, do you know if i can use my stock spokes for this, i have never changed rims before, thanks :)

A ugly bike in 1st place looks better than a pretty bike in last place! Sorry I couldnt resist that one :) I would take performance over looks anyday unless I had tons of money to spend (which I dont LOL) Later,


strack, check w/ MX south, here is thier web addressmx south I have talked to them about new rims, I think you can use your stock spokes. Their price is 109.00 for colored rims

Hope this helps


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I just put some new Excels on my 02, due to a minor miscalculation on a 105ft triple, and stock spokes work just fine.

I have black rims and one graphics and it looke super sweet!

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