May switch to a blue thumper

I found a 1998 WR400 that is street legal for $2400. Are there any problems with that bike? I am stepping up from a KDX200. What is the approx. hp of this 400, about 38hp or so?



Hp is more like 43 the KDX is a good bike. But thumper power is like a tractor. I would keep the KDX and get the 400 you would have a nice stable if you could pull that off.

Get the WR, but keep the KDX.

You will always have the possibility to feel the new joy of going from a good dirt bike to an insane dirt eater. :)

Best wishes for 2004

Well, that would be cool, but it can only be one or the other.

Go thumper, you'll never go back. The new 4 strokes rev almost like a 2 stroke, but you get the tractor pull all the way from bottom to top. Rather than hitting at the top, they pulverize you everywhere. Being a less experienced rider myself, the "everywhere has powerband" has helpded me get out of a lot of sticky situations. And the slightly better (WR450 is a thirsty bike, although my right wrist is probably to blame) fuel mileage will help being a dual sport. I've rode my WR then 2003 CR250, followed by 2003 KX 250, and each time I get back onto my thumper, the lack of mind numbing vibration is such a relief.

Maybe I just have thumper on the brain, I just love the torque and how the bike tries to pull your arms out of their sockets any time you twist the throttle. :)

Have to agree. After riding two strokes all my life after the first ride on a YZ450 I was sold. Spent the next few months looking and finally found one. I truly doubt that I will ever buy another two stroke in my life.


Blue color is the best... :)

Buy another Honda; Yamaha doesn't support the WR450 and teaches dealers to ignore and lie about problems with their bikes.

Again, flame away, but its the truth....

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