02 YZ426 prices

How much are the dealers in California charging for the 02 YZ426?

I purchased an 02 yz426 listed at $5899 cash price. After doc fees, tax, and license, out the door price $6400. Modesto Yamaha

I just bought a new 02' in Colorado and paid exactly 6,500 out the door. The price of the bike was 5,700 I think +250tax +dealer fees(don't you HATE that fee B.S.?). My buddy who a little drunk at the time paid over 7 for his 01 a while back, but they threw in a white bros exhaustfor "free". Definitely haggle with em, they will come down for you, especially if you start to get up and leave halfway through. And remember, they want to sell you that bike, that day, even more than you want it, so be stubborn.

Paid 6,100 out the door at Champion Yamaha in Newport Beach. $5,318 for the bike plus all the B.S they hit you up for. Best buy I've made!

Holy shiznit Batman!!! those are some pretty high prices! You can get a new YZ in Florida for $5800 out the door. I guess Californication has a higher demand...

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