Trans trouble

I have a yz400f 98 model I was out riding when I got stuck in some mud thick mud and when trying to get out my bike did not want to go into gear the engine runs as normal but you put bike into 1st or 2nd and it just keeps idling could I have busted the gearbox or burnt out clutch and is this an easy fix? Thank you in advance (devastated)

Sounds like the clutch.  Probably let it run out of free play and fried it.  Not a really big deal, other than the expense.

I have fried the clutch on a Yamaha once.  I had just purchased the bike so I do not know the previous history but everything was working fine in the morning and then at the end of the day I could not give anything more than about 1/8th throttle before the clutch would start slipping and the engine would start revving freely.  I pulled it apart, the steel plates were flat and in good condition so I replaced the friction plates and springs.  Everything works perfectly now.  It costs about $75 for friction plates (7 plates a bit over $10 a piece) through the dealership and $20 for the springs.

Thanks will buy some clutch plates and springs and hopefully be back on the dirt again.... thanks... I'll let know if successful

I'm still in trouble folks, My clutch plates and springs arrived today I have put them in but am still going nowhere. The clutch now feels like there is nothing connected to it but it still is moving back and forth on the trans but you click into gear and nothing happens. Could I have broken something inside the gearbox or is there more to it than just changing springs and plates

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