02 650R and i know nuthin, HELP

I just bought a very nice used 02 and I need some advice. I have a background on my 03 CRF but this baby is way different. It did not come with a manual so you can see my situation. It has a white brothers R4 slip on, protapers, and nothing else. What oil do you folks reccomend running, how often should I change it, where is the oil drain as well as the tranny? I want to run wider pegs also, any suggestions. Truthfully, I will appreciate any and all advice on my new bike, thank you all in advance. :)

See www.xr650r.us for all kinds of good info with answers to many questions in the FAQ. Check out IMS Pro pegs for an improvement. Don't except to whip this bike like the CRF, but it's great when things open up (especially in the whoops) and has tons of low end grunt with enough torque to propell you 100+ MPH.

Welome to the world of pork and bacon!

:DI play it safe and run Honda's own GN4 / 10w40.

The manual calls for 20w50, but i only run the thicker stuff in mid summer.

I change mine about every 300 to 500 miles, but get a manual for Honda's specs.

And there is only 1 oil. No seperate trans and engine sumps.

Gotta drain both engine and frame though.... :D

A few tips:

Check your rear fender bolts often. Better yet pull em and silicone em. or your fender will say "by by". really.

(do the same to the kickstarter retainer bolt.)

Keep an eye on those footpeg bolts (especially the right one.) it'll say by by too. Better yet get the SRC footpeg shim kit. It's costly for what it is, but well worth it.

Buy extra air filters....lots of em. They get real dirty real quick. (filter is too small for this bike IMHO)

Adapt an auto seatbelt to the seat....hee hee, youll see what i mean. :)

I think you will find this bike easier to work on than the CRF. Once you get it set up for you, all you should have to do is change the oil and check the valves periodically. Valves are a lot easier to do on the XR's than the CRF. :)

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