Best place/price to buy Pro-Tapers ?

I hauled in some nice Christmas loot, and I think I'm going to treat myself to a set of Pro-Taper bars. Does anyone have any insight on where I can get the best price on them ? I will also need to buy the universal bar mounts, since neither my 426 nor my 250's triple clamps have removeable bar mounts. I've seen a couple catalog places offer the Pro-Taper "Kit" that comes with the bars, mounts and pad.

I'm also looking for recommendations on what type of bend/sweep to buy. I'm a pretty short rider, yet I am always leaning over while standing up on the bike. I need bars that are rather tall, but of course I don't want to end up with a pair of Harley Davidson low riders either.

I am also considering the TAG T2 bars as an option. They look to be the same type of bar and are a little bit cheaper, but I have no idea how their quality compares to the Pro-Tapers. Can anyone provide me some opinions on the TAG vs. Pro-Tapers ?

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