woop sections?

Does anyone have any good tips for me while going threw the woops? Body position and bike position?

Stay relaxed..butt over the rear fender and steady throttle..find a whoops section that you normally do and keep increasing your entry speed and try to maintain that same throttle setting all the way through. If you just want to blitz them and see what it is like...tag along and pace a fast guy, hit em' at the same speed. I did this and figured out I just wasn't entering them with enough speed to keep the bike up and out of them..makes it fun when you know you can hit them aggressively. Be careful...they can bite you! Enjoy.

Pay close attention to how your suspension works, because that makes a huge difference. Take a zip-tie and put it around your fork tube. Pound some whoops, and see how far the zip-tie was pushed down by the fork. Adjust the compression accordingly. The rebound will depend on your seat of the pant feeling (does the bike "buck" back up at you). In the rear, tighten up the rebound to where the rear won't "kick" around. One click on the shock rebound allowed me to run one gear higher in the whoops! Run the compression a little softer than the front, it will control the kick a little more.

I live in Florida, and 90% of the trails are whoops. :)

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