Paris dakar 2004

David Fretigne, Yamaha France's official enduro pilot is participating in this year's Paris Dakar. The first three days were specials in Europe, two in France and one in Spain.

The first in France was under heavy snow, the second in extreme mud (cars and trucks were cancelled that day) and the third was a sand special on a beach in Spain.

David has won the second and third day, finishing in front of the Factory KTM's....

Of course, from tomorrow on they'll be in Africa, where the real desert racing begins.

Anyway, Yamaha has been all over the news in Europe because they are basically entering a "stock" bike and winning.

Here is a video of David on his WRF 2X2 in the mud:

Two wheel drive 450 WRF

and here are some pictures:


Ahhhh, dirtbike, the universal language. Looks a bit wet there, they will soon be out of that. Thanks for posting.

I have ridden in Morocco. It is pretty technical and rocky the 2-trac should still do good. Once they get further south in Mauritania there are some faster legs where the twin cylinders will be hard to beat.

Too sweet, thanks for the video post w/sound. Was that three feet of Arrow exhaust on that YZ450 ? Liked the fairing too. We'll see what a sand rider he is soon. But come to think of it I'd rather ride sand on 250 +lbs. of YZ450 than 350 +lbs. of twin KTM/LC4 anyday.

Roseler got another 10th place on stage 5 (day 5). The Yami 2x2 didn't do so well today... :)

If you want to see 2-Trac on the showroom floors, then send an email to and tell them you want this feature on your new bike!!!

I've been dying to get a WRF 2-Trac since I first read about it a few years back and I hope I don't have to wait too much longer. Here's some links about the 2-Trac system that I've had saved for a while incase you want to read more about it.

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