Quiet exhaust needed, which is best?

For the WRF 250, I need a new silent (94db) exhaust)

Which is the best?

I've been looking at the FMF Q with a powerbomb header, is that any good?

My Q series runs great. Little more get up and go right in the middle. Lighter too.

Being in Belgian I assume you would have a choice like the arrow and such.

Anyway with that Pro-circuit has the 496, there is also a Euro version at 94. Blue one is using one on his and likes it, White brothers is coming out with an E2 at 96.

I am very happy with my CRD absolute power2, but the USA importer quite selling them.


Thanks To Chris Palmer from FMF racing for the pic

And that is for the YZ. There is probably more of a diff between the stock WR and the FMF-WR...

I love my "Q". :)

Ditto the "Q". You get more low/midrange torque, coupled with a Revloc clutch, makes the WR450 a uphill rock crawler. If you like high-end gain, buy a YZ450, and keep the stock unit ! :)

I see lots are recommending the Q and I love mine but one of the 2 times I had it tested it was 95 DB. Not sure if that would work for you if you need 94 DB. Depends on the testing method and other issues. Just something to be aware of.

The Q works well for California, 96dBa. Looks and sounds good too! :)

Sorry about it guys but I forgor to mention that the picture I posted was from the YZ250f and not the 450. I thought it was written on the graph but it's not. I'm sure you noticed it from the dyno peaking at 30 but just wanted to make it clear.

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