BK Carb Mod. question

I just checked the squirt from the accl.pump and seems to be anywhere from .66sec to .94sec. Fuel does not contact the slide when opening. My question is this, is it worth the effort to go through the process of the mod. to reduce it more? One person said get it below 1sec. and motoman393 says he got his down to .3sec. My bike does bog some just off idle on tight trails. While watching the accl pump cam move when the throttle is opened, their is very little movement. What do you think? Would disconnecting the grey wire help or hurt this condition? The bike is uncorked and air box cover removed.

What Bike?, Have you rejetted or adjusted needle jet? I would reccomend the BK mod. My bike ran awsome from idle to rev-limiter as per James Dean's jetting suggestions. I did lower needle jet 1 notch(raise clip) which took away the off idle bog.



Sorry, I didn't state that the bike in question is 2002 WR426

I would suggest doing the yz timing, grey wire, leave the bk mod for later, try to move needle to middle position 3rd . The bike gets a little more pep in its step with the timing mod, I love mine. :)

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