11 Value?

i am on the edge of selling the big Yamie.

Less time to ride/train. I need to downsize to an "easier" bike. 250F or even litttle smoker

I'm the second owner.

120 hours on stock bottom end. (inspected 5 hours ago by pro mechanic ) fresh top end.

Fresh suspension and plastics/graphics

Very clean bike

Yosh muffler

Engine relocation kit

spare air/oil filters. extra set of plastics.

GYTR tuner

Stock muffler

Good tires/brakes


Market is so all over the place these days that it's hard to put a realistic $ figure.

What are you seeing in your area?



the dealer just offered me 4100 for my 13 450 has 39 hrs one it FC suspension ridden by a 50 yr old dam near perfect, i guess id be happy with 5k for mine so yours two  years older and three times the hrs  3500 maybe

Your bike looks like a good clean bike, the only issue I would see if I were in the market are the hours. But that's not all that much for these Yami's. I wouldn't see any reason why you couldn't get around 4k for it.

i just got rid of a 2012 with less than 30 hours on it for 4500 if that helps. Was a little on the low side but it went pretty fast!

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