Please Help!

I've recently got a yz450 and I've never ridden before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

That wouldn't be me idea of a starter bike but since you have it here is my take on it. I've been rinding probably since about 10 and have had numerous bikes over the years but a YZ450F just makes me laugh and shake my head when I ride - it's just such an impressive gorilla bike (and mine is an 03). First get everything set where it's comfortable - levers, handlebars, brake and shifter levers. You want everything to be "there" and not reaching or feeling for it. Next get seat time - all of it you can get. Practice will gain you a lot. Then depending on if it's a carbureted bike and you want to keep it, the carb could probably use some fine tuning. I'm sort of anal about the first 1/4 - 1/2 throttle and spend a lot of time with pump shot, pilot jet and fuel screw setting. This saves you from kicking more than you are riding. If you ride woods you might want to look at gearing, especially if it's an early model 4 speed as 1st gear is pretty tall. You can drop the front sprocket as this is the cheapest quickest way. Two recent mods I have added are handguards and a kickstand - absolutely worth every penny. Now if you really like it next investment wise is suspension but that's a way's down the road and can be pricey. Read the off road or motorcross forums on here and that can help a lot. Look at video of other riders doing something you have a question about. Find public trails or tracks close to you. Then talk to people there and find somebody to ride with - that helps immensely. Clay

Everyone tells me i shouldn't start on but I got the bike for a extremely nice deal. Its an 05 with a carb. I plan on riding in the woods and trying to practice in a big open field. It's in the shop right now but i will talk to mechanics about the modifications you suggested. Thanks for replying

Since you have never ridden before, be careful how quick and how far your right wrist cranks. Machine will bite and will not care. Take your time learning and if you feel uncomfortable doing something, chill out until you have more seat time. Other than that, enjoy and be safe....wear the gear, expect to fall at one point or another.

wear gear.make sure you know area your riding. Can be obstacles you aren't able to nogoshiate being inexpernced.try nice flat wide open area.(farm) don't ride alone.make sure someone is watching you. Don't go to track yet.

.just be carfull till you get to know the bike.always keep bike properly maintained.get service manual .good luck .

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