FMF "Q" Silencer..really quiet?

I need a new pipe on my 02 426, some of you guys know why, and I don't want a deafening ride. I saw an ad for the FMF "Q" muffler that says it's quiet and gives more power than stock...anybody know if this is true. The reason I put quiet over all out performance is b/c I don't race officially and spend a lot of time on the Colorado trails as well as at the local tracks (some of the new aftermarket systems I've seen and heard are just too damn loud for the woods). Any recommendations?? Thanks. And please nobody say, "you should have gotten an xr, drz...etc for quiet trails", I absolutely love my 426 (I keep it in my living room).

I agree with Joe, the Q is definitely noticeably quieter than stock, and a whole world quieter than my old T4 system. It is almost as quiet (and just as large) as a stock KTM 520 EXC silencer, but a bit louder once under way. If you’ve never heard a KTM RFS they are pretty quiet, if you have never seen one they have a much longer can than a YZ.

HOWEVER, I believe the Q suffers from a bit of a design flaw. I know that other pipes (like Yosh) use a similar rear mount/hanger system but the length and weight of the Q make this a bad idea IMO.

Because of the length of the silencer the bulk of its weight is located aft of the hanger, and since this hanger is not rigidly affixed to the can (like stock or a T4) the unsupported weight of the can is leveraged against the silencer-collector connection. I noticed fairly early that the four small screws that secure the can to the collector were continually coming loose (because they are in effect supporting the weight of the end of the can). I was very vigilant in keeping them tight, and checked them before my last race…

…which I wasn’t able to finish because just before the halfway point (about 2 hours into it) the can ripped completely off the four small screws holding it to the collector and ended up in a sand wash somewhere in NM. Since the race was on BLM land I would not be scored without a sparky. Game over.

I probably put 20 hours on the pipe before it fell apart.

Add to that the ridiculous price they put on this thing and I begin to get really irritated at the FMF marketing (not performance or design) company. I suspect they designed their pipes this way so one part will fit multiple applications. What they should have done was weld the hanger to the can (ala PC or stock) or used a set of springs to “pull” the silencer into the collector (ala Yosh & stock KTM) and thereby preempt the creation of any play in the silencer to collector fitment.

So my opinion is that the Q is quiet, it revs well (maybe even better than stock, hence their claim of a power gain), costs a bit of power and snap down low but is grossly overpriced and under engineered.

BTW I was getting smoked by most of the A class anyway so having to pack it up wasn’t that big of a disappointment, but for $300+ (header not included) we deserve more from Emler’s (sp?) Flying Machine Factory.

I hear the Arrow system is fairly quiet, relatively speaking. I do not think they have a USFS approved sparky yet, however, and I think you must buy the entire system (header and pipe), but I could be mistaken about that. Do a search for “Arrow” here and on the WR side, I remember somebody posting some contact info for whoever was distributing the Arrow line. Unfortunately I think these things are very expensive also.

Hope this helps.

Arrow exhausts for YZF

Looks like they do make one that fits the stock header. I called these guys about 4 months ago and a USFS approved spark arrestor was supposedly in the works.

California Speed Sports, Arrow Pipes


I JUST put my "Q" muff on a month ago and havent had the chance to test it on the trails. It is ALOT quieter than stock and from riding around on the road in front of my house, the power does feel better in the midrange. I can do roll on wheelees in 3rd and ride em out longer. To help with the obvious potential power drop I rejeted my carb with a 165 main and did the BK mod. Can't wait for warm weather here in Illinois. The fit was strange with the "o" ring clamp but other wise was good. The overall quality is excellent so far. The manufacturer says to repack the silencer after 20 hours.I think I wont do it that often because like you- I dont race often.

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