Building a 2013 YZ450F

First off, I'm glad to finally join. I've been riding for the past 6 years and unfortunately had to sell my pride and joy to put myself through University last fall. It was a 2000 CR250 that absolutely destroyed itself one day and I rebuild from the ground up with some great performance mods. Ever since then I've been dying to get back on a bike, and I've come across a great opportunity to do so. 


I'll try not to bore you with this, but I'm a member of the Formula SAE team for my University, and the formula race cars we build every year have recently switched from a Honda CBR600 power train to that of a WR450F; better power to weight ratio. So our team recently purchased a 2013 WR450F and removed only the motor to use for this year's car. The chassis is sitting in our garage, never having been riden, ever. I purchased the chassis with the intention of rebuilding it. However, for what I intend on using the bike for, I want to rebuild it to YZ specs. I'm just curious what exactly sets the two apart. I'm aware the gearing is different, the rear tire is bigger, the fuel tank is larger, it has the headlight and taillight, and a larger rear sprocket. I've also been offered to purchase the first WR motor they used, but it was used and abused, definitely requires a complete overhaul. 


I'm basically looking for a list of what differs between the two models. I'm very comfortable building bikes, cars, trucks, engines, you name it. And building a car from the ground up with the team has definitely given me the belief that anything is possible. I'm also aware it is going to cost me greatly, but if it comes in under the price tag of a brand new YZ, I'm happy. The time invested in the project is what I'm interested in, I love it. 


Let's hear your thoughts on this project. 

The 13 WR has very little in common with the 10+ YZ's.  It's got a 250F inspired frame and the 09 and prior style engine with EFI.  If a YZ is what you are after, I'd sell off that chassis and start with a YZ chassis.

In the case of the '13 models the difference is everything.  The YZ450 in '13 uses a different basic engine, different chassis; everything.  The '13 WR engine is a Gen2 450, basically the same as the '06-'09 model YZ450F.  YZF's primarily differed from WRF's of like design in that they have more aggressive cam timing, a close ratio gear box, no electric start, and an ignition-only electrical system. 


Your idea of reconstructing the chassis around a YZF is further complicated by the fact that none of the Gen2 YZ450's ever had fuel injection.

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