Roller Lifters?

I tore into the top of WR the other day for the first time. This is the first dealing I have had with these bikes and am now reallizing why there are so many posts about valve adjustments.

It looks to me like there are lifters oppperating the valves and am curious if anyone has seen any roller lifters available. Thought this would free up some extra hp (slight I am sure) and also provide a little better longevity.

Curious what you guys think or know. :)

Great Idea, problem is space. If you tore into it further, you'd find that the lifters are buckets, and there is only the shim under it. Works out to a distance between the cam and the actual valve that's about half a centimeter. A roller would take about 1.5 - 2 centimeters. There is also a trade off between the weight and reliability. Many competition engines have bucket and shim for durability, and simplicity, while saving weight with less metal being used, this being more important the smaller the engine is. Alos, think about how small the pin would be for the roller, and how fast the engine revs, reliability would be a concern there. I think Hinda has a good idea with their roller uni-cam setup. :)

What is the roller cam setup?

Honda's setup:

Go to:

Honda CRF450

then click Engineering, then Valve Train, you'll see the roller cam for the Exhaust valves only.

You mean "roller cams" instead of lifters (like my Chevy truck) ? The WR400/426/450 have shim/bucket valves operated by overhead hard cams, not lifters. Roller cams would reduce friction for sure. Wish I new an outfit that would port/polish the heads and blueprint/balance the piston, rod and crank for $20 (my budget). That would smooth out any WR Four-Hunny, Four Twenty-Sick or Four-Nifty for sure. :)

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