For Sale- White Bros. E-Series w/ tapered head pipe

White Bros. E- Series with S/A, and White Bros. tapered head pipe. Excellent condition, no dents or dings. $250 + shipping

I would be interested in the E-Silencer if you want to split them up.

E-mail me with a price.

Hey Woody, if you want to split this up let me know.


I have no problem breaking up the pipe and silencer, as long as the end result is that I receive $250 total. The original cost difference between pipe and silencer was around 40% with the silencer being the more expensive item. If you can agree upon who will pay what portion, I'll split it up.

Ok Tom,

I think we can do this. Here is the deal, I work at a Harley-Davidson dealer. We sell WB stuff so I can get the headpipe for $135.00 new out the door. So I would be willing to pay $100.00 even for the headpipe including shipping. Let me know what you think,


Oh, if anyone wants pictures, feel free to email me at

I'm more than willing to give you the best idea of what you're getting well before you get it.


I have an e-series and would be interested in the head pipe only. If you get someone that wants just the e-series and not the headpipe e-mail me


Sound like an interesting deal. I am e-mailing for some pictures to help in my decision.


Just replied to the recent emails requesting pictures. Dead camera battery, and a dinner reservation in an hour, so it'll be tomorrow before I get any out.

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the interest.

Received the pics, looks good. I'm still in for the headpipe if I can get it for $100.00 OTD. Let me know guys.

Thanks Woody

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